With over three decades of multi-sector experience in
Occupational Health and Medicine, WellServe has earned the trust
of the many companies and individuals that have been served.

Physician Services

Your employees and your business are important to you, so you need a solution that’s fair and balances the needs of your employee together with the needs of your company.

Disability Case Management

Employees are your number one asset, but when injury or illness occurs, your company suffers. Getting your employees back to work, both quickly and safely, is a top priority.

Nursing Services

Maintaining a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace relies on a number of variables. If problems are left untreated, they can worsen and have a more significant effect on your team.

Wellness Services

High rates of illness and absenteeism stem from a general lack of preventative measures such as employee health awareness, education, and vaccination.

Compliance Services

WellServe can help you to understand and become compliant with with Provincial and Federal Occupational Health and Safety Laws that affect your business.

HR Support Resources

Retaining on-site health management services may not yet be an option for your company, but you still need to do what is best, both for the employee and for your company.